Wood Brushing Machine

This machine's function is to give newly cut lumber an older appearance by use of a set of steel brushes which are stacked to a width wider than the wood itself. This machine was designed to handle boards that are 12" and narrower in width. The head on this machine is adjustable in tilt that can accomodate boards that have as much as a 15 degree angle and as thick as 6". The conveyor and the brush speed are adjustable with a control knob on a side not visible in this image. A custom PVC overlapping strip door is fitted in front of the infeed end of the belted conveyor as a second layer of protection from wire fragments that may be thrown from the wheel during the process. The primary layer of protection is a piece of sheet metal that are positioned 1/8" above the brush wheel and which move with the head thus always guaranteeing a certain level of safety. This machine has a 10 Hp motor and the tilting apparatus is counterweighted to allow easy adjustment using locking levers. Vertical head adjustment is made by turning the control handle and is similarily fixed in place using locking levers.