Evolution Engineering is a company specializing in automation and product design since 1993. Our greatest resource - our personnel - have experience in mechanical, manufacturing, and electronic controls engineering. Each individual has between 15-30 years experience in their field. We make the effort to understand your needs. We have the experience in our respective fields to analyze problems and provide solutions that make the best engineering and financial sense. Below is a list of some fields in which we are experienced.

Evolution Engineering delivers a system or a product that meets or exceeds specifications on schedule. Through successive meetings during concept development, we deliver the system or product that you envision. We use feasibility studies and manufacturing cost analyses at appropriate junctures.

Evolution Engineering provides sharp, creative, cost efffective solutions for challenges in manufacturing and product development alike. Complete documentation is included with each project: That includes: detailed machine and asssembly drawings, electronic data files for record keeping and CAD model files for part fabrication or mold making, component and hardware lists, maintenance schedule if applicable, operation manual if applicable and desired by client.

Evolution Engineering works closely with a variety of reputable vendors in all sectors of manufacturing, including dependable prototype houses for development in thermoplastic and thermoset parts. Our machining capability shortens the development schedule - gets your production line into operation faster - gets your product to market faster; saving your company money and realizing your profits earlier.

Evolution Engineering cares about your machine or end product. Every design is conceived with these critical issues in mind:

FUNCTIONALITY - Specific to every task in its environment
RELIABILITY - Guaranteed to perform its task 100% of the time
DURABILITY - Designed to meet your service requirements

Evolution Engineering entertains all prospective work regardles of project size.

Evolution Engineering is proud of our achievements and invites you to view some of our work examples in machine design and product design (accessible from the home page).

We look forward to serving all of your most demanding needs.