De-stacker : Processor : Stacker Machine

This machine was designed to process one 16 foot wood board (or complete one cycle) in 4 seconds. During the 4 second cycle, the board is automatically fed on to the table top from a stack of material, then driven through the milling (center) section and then restacked on the outfeed section of the machine. Boards are received in pallet or bunk form on the infeed conveyor system using a fork lift. The operator cuts the banding before processing, then presses the start button on the control panel ending his duties. The processed, restacked bunks of material are removed with a fork lift. This machine can also process boards that are as short as 4 feet in length. There are two cutting blades on this machine and are adjustable in cutting depth and in distance from the fence. Other variations of this machine can be used to rip boards to any desired width at an accuracy of .020 over the entire 16 foot length at the same cycle rate..A user friendly control panel allows the operator to manually run any step of the sequence.